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A random freezing issue in Windows 10 PC drives the users to unnecessary irritating condition. You must have experienced the error, if you have been using Windows PC for years. But there is no need to worry in such circumstances—as you can avail of the Microsoft Windows support service and fix Windows 10 freezing problems without any obstacles.

It has now been some months when Microsoft rolled out the Fall Creator Updates to empower the features and tools of Windows 10 PC. But it caused a number of users to undergo unexpected and irritating freezing errors. Though Windows 10 comes up with an effective troubleshooter to help users identify and fix the errors, however you need some other effective technical steps to troubleshoot Windows 10 freezing problems.

To be more specific, there are some certain symptoms that you may confront when Windows 10 keeps freezing on startup—it may hang either during the login process or during the process while working with a large volume of data files. Though the error doesn’t appear out to have any critical reasons, yet you should be prepared and ready to deal with the situations in all conditions. Some independent professionals are offering Windows help and support services to help users in several ways. You may reach out to the technicians and ask for an immediate Windows help services without any delay.

Visit experienced and Windows certified technicians at and find a reliable solution. On the other hand, if you want to learn more about the issue and Windows 10 Anniversary update, then get through the updated tutorials at official page and know about the Windows 10 update errors.

Here are the effective steps that you may implement at the moment when you experience Windows 10 freezing on boot.

Enhance the virtual memory space to fix Windows 10 freezing error:

Virtual memory can be termed to an auxiliary power to the physical memory RAM in your computer system. Windows 10 freezing on login screen or during other procedures can largely be caused by the insufficient space on the physical memory.

When it ceases to function due to insufficient space, the virtual memory starts providing support to it. You can increase the virtual memory through the following steps:

  • Open control panel
  • Select the Advanced System Settings
  • Go through the process — Advanced tab > Settings > Advanced tab > Change
  • Select the Custom Size option and set the Initial Size to 1000 and the Maximum Size to 8192 in the given field

Once you complete the process, you can now restart your Windows 10 PC and check out whether Windows 10 freezing on login screen or on shutdown. In case of any technical hindrances, contact Windows support by dialing Microsoft Windows phone number and get an instant customer solution.

Update network adaptor drivers to fix Windows 10 freezing issue

When you search how to fix Windows 10 freezing up, you will find some common recommendations from the experts—updating network adaptor driver is one among the most recommended procedures. The damaged network driver or display driver can lead your Windows PC to the freezing conditions. In such cases, mouse pointer keeps freezing in Windows 10 due to the outdated drivers.

You should call Microsoft support for Windows and get an instant Windows online support from the expert for updating drivers.

Turn Off Link State Power Management to fix the error:

Sometimes, the Link State Power management system may also create such unnecessary freezing issue. You should turn off the feature and check if your Windows freezes again. There is a process to turn off the Link State Power Management feature through the control panel.

Update SSD Firmware to resolve the freezing error:

Updating SSD firmware can also help you fix the freezing error on your Windows 10 PC. You might be using multiple drives for your Windows files in addition to the hard drive in your Windows 10 PC. It would help you avoid the conditions if Windows 10 freezes randomly after Windows Creator Update.

So, these are technical procedures that you can use to fix Windows 10 freezing error. Windows customer service can potentially help you to get rid of all the technical problems, including the freezing problems. Dial phone number for Windows support and get connected to the technicians in a real time through the Windows technical support phone number.

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